About Us

Rent Yuh Ride™ (RYR) was founded by Cherie Williams, a Certified Public Accountant, visionary and mother of 4. She has over 15 years of business experience in the corporate sector and as an entrepreneur. Graduating from Campion College in 1997, Cherie holds an MBA in Finance and is a recognized Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA®).

RYR provides a seamless car rental process for travelers and car owners who are fed up with the way they rent cars in Jamaica. If you’ve asked the questions, "yuh know anybody weh a rent a car?" or "yuh know anybody weh want a car fi rent?" then Rent Yuh Ride™ was created specifically for you.

Our digital platform facilitates an all-in-one transaction where we connect travelers who want to rent cars with car owners who have cars to rent. Our car owners have been vetted through a verification process (background check, insurance check etc.) to ensure the safety and peace of mind of travelers or anyone renting through RYR.

Unlike tradition car rental companies, Rent Yuh Ride™ is affordable and efficient. Everything is done online from anywhere at any time.

We’re in the introduction phase of our business so it is likely that as we progress certain processes and procedures will need to be modified or updated. We humbly ask that you be patient with us during this trial period so that we can improve to serve you better and provide the service you deserve.

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